Best internal search engine PHP Script

Internal Search Engine for Websites

Internal Search Engine for Websites

Add a Search Engine to your Web Page, to search for words or phrases in all the HTML files of your website! (Search engine completely independent of the google search engine, 100% internal search, completely customizable and without any advertising.)


Many customers do not buy from your website or leave immediately, because they do not quickly find what they are looking for.

With our Internal Search Engine your sales or the permanence and conversion of your visitors will be increased, because your customers will easily find your products on your website, searching quickly and easily within all the .html or .htm files that make up your website.


To test our html Internal Search Engine for free on your own website, you just need to download our Search Engine Script and upload it to your own website (for which you obviously need to already have a website that contains .html or .htm files), have a hosting that allows you to run php scripts and have access to your hosting via FTP to be able to upload our search engine to your hosting (if you do not have a hosting with these characteristics, you can hire one at


Free Internal Search Engine PHP Script


After you have downloaded our Search Engine Script to your computer, You only have to upload it to your hosting in the root directory (usually called public_html) or upload our search engine to the directory where you want to Search Engine to work, and that's it!

Our Search Engine is composed of only 3 files that must be uploaded to your server which are: buscadorhtml.php, buscadorhtml.js and buscadorhtml.html (the only file that you must modify with notepad or with any text editor is: buscadorhtml.html to customize your browser and adapt it to the look of your website.)

When editing the buscadorhtml.html file you will notice that there are two sections to edit, the first section contains the HTML code for the search bar (code that you could also copy and paste into your home page or any other html page in your website) and another area section the HTML code, so that you can define in which part of your website you want to show the search results (the results of each search will always be shown in the file buscadorhtml.html)

After you have installed our search engine on your website, you can easily test it by calling the search buscadorhtml.html file in your browser (example: www.[yourdomain].com/buscadorhtml.html)

To download our browser right now, packaged in a zip file, click on:

(Note: After downloading the file you must unzip it on your computer with winrar, winzip or to be able to obtain the 3 files indicated above and upload them to your own hosting through FTP or with the file uploader provided by your hosting provider, and remember; To test our search engine, you only have to call this file in your browser: www.[yourdomain].com/buscadorhtml.html, which you can later customize so that the search engine page looks like your website. If in the future you would like to get a License for our Search Engine Script, please click here )
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